Thermal Consult
    Our thermal team has several senior experts from different industry field, such as instrument, communications, water-cooled heatsink, LED and so on. They are experienced thermal designers. We have finished hundreds of customers’ product design works. We went through the whole development process, from the very beginning of feasibility study, to the final thermal test.
Outsource thermal design
    We have finished hundreds of outsourcing projects involving LED, IGBT, communication, motor, instrumentation, environmental protection, IT, monitoring industry throughout the country. The following is representative projects.

  IGBT water-cooled plate thermal design
    The water-cooled plate thermal design is one of the most projects we undertake. It’s a long-term cooperation with our customers, who have already realized the benefit of thermal simulation technology several years before. After years of continued cooperation, the quality of the company's products upgrade dramatically. The product development cycle for shortened by half. Their water-cooled plate products are widely used in the power generation and transmission(HVDC, SVC, SVG, SVDC), urban transport (metro, light rail, electric locomotives, electric vehicles), industrial applications (high frequency electric furnace, DC drive, electrolytic metallurgy) industries.

  The comparison of two heat sinks for street lamp

    The upper picture is the original heat sink our customer designed. They required us to run a thermal simulation to find out the temperature rise of it. We finished it, meanwhile, based on our professional experience, we recommend customers to remove the lid on the top, as shown. At the beginning our customer insists that the lid enlarged the cooling area. So we make a comparison simulation by removing the lid, show in the lower picture. The result shows, the temperature decreased 6 ℃, what’s more, the weight and cost savings about 20%.

  The force cooling design of telecom cabinet

    The customer of this project is a famous telecom manufacturers from U.S. The heat dissipation power of the cabinet is up to 3300W. Through the thermal simulation, we found that the customer's original chassis structure exist air flow short-circuit phenomenon. Based on our proposal, the customer changes the internal placement of heat modules and adding a plate to control the flow path. In this way, the count of fans reduced to 4 from 6.

  Thermal design of a precision temperature control product
    The product should be able to provide a constant temperature (15℃) while the ambient temperature floating between -10℃ ~ 40℃. The requirement exceeds the scope of the common thermal design work. It’s a work need both heating and cooling, and the temperature control is carried out simultaneously. TEC is the sole heart which provides both heat and refrigeration. We designed a suitable thermal solution for the TEC which enables its functions normally. The right picture shows the temperature decreasing process in cooling state.

  The thermal design for a base station with IP65 requirement
    The biggest challenge of this project is that high dissipation power and high ingress protection (IP65) coexist. The heat power is up to 487W, while the IP65 requirement means no air flow can go through the product. So the heat cannot be taken away by air flow directly. Through several simulations optimization, we used some thermal conductive material to conduct the heat to the enclosure and then cooling the enclosure. Finally we successfully solved the challenge.