We have developed a number of special products for different industries field. The quality of the products has reached the international leading position after our continuously improving through simulation. Rather than enriching the kind of product, we purse the quality of product. We only provide boutique.
  Vortex tube

    Vortex tube, also known as the Ranque-Hilsch tubes, It is a very simple structure of the energy separating, a tube and a nozzle. The high-pressured gas from the intake manifold into the nozzle, then it expanse and be accelerated to a very high speed in the tangential direction into the vortex chamber. The airflow forms a high-speed vortex in the vortex chamber, reach 1000000 rpm. Reflux gas is formed within the central area of the vortex tube due to the pressure difference. The vortex transform separated into two flow wherein the lower temperature in the central portion of the reflux stream and outflow from the orifice of the cold end, forming the cold air flow, while the other outflow from the hot end with the temperature higher than 80℃.
  Jet pump

    The jet pump, also called vacuum generator, has a long service life because there is no moving parts. It is maintenance-free, intrinsically safe. The only source is the high-pressured gas so it is clean and environmental friendly. It is widely used in industrial process measurement of the sample gas extraction, the collection of the waste exhaust gases, and can even be used as a vacuum generator.
  On-line temperature control equipment

    A high temperature (more than 900℃) gas generated in the furnace needs to be analysis in time. But the process pumps and valves cannot withstand such a high temperature, which requires cooling the temperature immediately. What’s more, the analyzer needs a stable temperature of the gas. Our product is able to controlled the gas at 25 ± 2 ° C even when the ambient temperature floating between 0~40℃ with a flow rate of 20L/min.
  Transient heater for process fliud

    Fluid flows along the spiral tube road. This solenoid road will increase in the fluid flowing path by 10 times, and increased turbulent perturbations which can improve the effect of heat transfer. This product enables the fluid be heated when passed the heater. We have different specifications of products for customers’ different fluids, including gas and liquid.