FEA Consult
    FEA (Finite Element) analysis is a very mature branch of the CAE industry. Our FEA team is a growing team. We hope to start the co-operation with friends from any field.
  Earthquake impact analysis

    The earthquake testing, often involves a business travel to the professional laboratory, which cost quite much and a longer testing cycle. Through FEA simulation, we can predict earthquake situation. You just need to send us the 3D model through email and we can reply you the result in few days. No travel needed so we this save cost and speed up the development progress.
  Vibration Analysis

    The vibration testing for moving parts, such as rotating machinery, is essential. Compared with testing, FEA analysis is able to predict the modal analysis, harmonic response, random vibration in the very beginning of the product development, rather than the test after the sample machined. So issues can be found at the early stage.
  Fluid-structure interaction analysis

    The analysis of the fluid-structure interaction is a complex subject. The CFD engineers can only do the fluid analysis, while the FEA engineers can only do the solid analysis. We have both the CFD and the FEA team. They can work exchange the stage result and do the analysis again and again until get an accurate result. We can do the pressure, fluid, temperature and structure deformation interaction analysis. Outdoor equipment, such as street lights, base stations, deformed by the typhoon hit, strength analysis, all are within our ability.
  The structure optimization

    The structural design often reserves much margin to ensure sufficient structural strength. We call that over design, which makes the product too bulky, weight, and a waste of raw materials. FEA analysis can optimize the structure. Through FEA we can find where is over design and can reduce material and where need to be strengthened. So the structure is firmed enough while the raw material saved much.
  Drop analysis

    In high-end portable devices drop needs to be considered. As we all know, the Nokia phones has an important performance is that you can still use after several times of drop. This is because Nokia keeps drop as one of the requirement in the beginning of the product design. Drop forecast in design stage is better than after the sample back to do the drop test.
  Strength analysis

    The stress and strain analysis of structural parts in complex load is our most sophisticated FEA analysis. Through the FEA analysis we can get the stress state of each point and find the weak point which the designer never expected. Experimental test can never achieve this.