CFD Consult
    CFD team includes several professors, associate professors from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Technical University and China Jiliang University. They are sophisticated in various engineering field, including the aerospace, fluid mechanical, hydraulic transmission, heating and ventilation, building air flow assessment, the high-temperature radiation component diffusion in porous media, multiphase flow, ultraviolet radiation disinfection.
  The gas replacement time analysis
    This case is to analysis the gas replacement time of the branch pipe, which is installed on the processing pipe. This is species diffusion CFD simulation. The initial state of the gas in the figure indicated with red, and the replacing gas indicated with blue. We start gas the blue one at t=0, the picture show the red gas residual status at different time. This process can never be finished by experiments, while CFD completed this. What’s more CFD makes this process visualization. This is the most typical application scenarios of CFD.
  Injection speed design
    A medical equipment provider from Shenzhen developed an injection product. Liquid is injected into a bottle at a high speed, but need to keep the sealed bubble stay at the bottom of the bottle. Through CFD analysis we got the maximum allowed injection speed. The left picture shows the bubble is kept well and compressed when the more and more liquid is injected. The right picture shows the bubble escaped because the inject speed is too large.
  Pressure loss simulation
    We used CFD simulated the flow of a valve to get the pressure loss curve for our customer. The simulation result goes well with the experimental value. This case has laid a foundation for our long-term cooperation. After that, this customer rely the CFD result to improve their product. In this way they shorten product development cycle and saving quite much cost.
  Vortex flow meter design
    Commissioned by a flow meter manufacture, we simulated the Karman vortex phenomenon. This work focuses on the drop frequency of the vortex flow around different shape objects so that they can determine the measurement range. The figure below shows the Karman vortex street phenomenon. BTW, the Tacoma Bridge is broken by small wind only a year after it built is caused by this phenomenon. You can find the broken video in YouTube.

  Environmental assessment of buildings air flow
    Tall buildings will significantly change the air flow of the near ground wind field. If there is a strong wind occurred at the building entrance channel, balcony and other pedestrian activities area, it makes people feel uncomfortable, even harmful. If the pressure of the building surfaces is too high, it will result in the destruction of the structure of the building, such as windows and doors and building exterior decorations broken off, wounding the accident. Therefore, do the building wind environment evaluations in the design stage is necessary.